"Passport Perspectives: Lebanese Identity" is an evocative conceptual installation that delves into the complexities of Lebanese national identity by examining the passport as a symbol of collective belonging. With a rich cultural tapestry of diverse communities, Lebanon is represented through three fundamental narratives: (1) a sanctuary for Levantine ethnic minorities, (2) a dynamic pillar of Arab unity, and (3) a progressive democracy in the Middle East.
The installation challenges the notion of a unified national narrative by presenting three separate passports, each embodying one of these core narratives. Viewers are invited to explore the unique designs on the empty visa pages, which encapsulate each narrative's aspirations, convictions, and cultural essence.
By prompting Lebanese viewers to reflect on which narrative(s) they identify with, the artwork encourages self-exploration and acknowledges the potential harmony or conflict between these perspectives. Furthermore, the project raises questions about the political implications of multiple Lebanon(s) and the potential for distinct states within the framework of a federation.
Ultimately, "Passport Perspectives: Lebanese Identity" invites viewers to engage with the multifaceted nature of collective identity and consider the potential ramifications of such diversity on the political landscape. This immersive experience catalyzes dialogue and introspection, providing a unique lens through which to examine the intricacies of Lebanese identity.
Gallery Exhibitions: Mount Royal Thesis Exhibition (Group Show, Fanny Fox Decker and Meyerhoff Galleries, Baltimore, MD, United States, 2023)
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