Broadcast Reversed is a mockumentary short film that incisively satirizes the media's role in enforcing traditional gender roles and the pervasive practice of gender-based tokenism in Lebanese political appointments. Framed as an authentic newscast on a local Lebanese channel, the film opens with a striking headline story: the official appointment of a man as a minister.
The narrative tracks the media's coverage of this groundbreaking appointment in a reimagined reality, capturing the reactions from female government officials. Amid the unfolding broadcast, the male presenter boldly challenges the status quo, expressing his discontent with the biased representation live on television. As a result, 'Broadcast Reversed' emerges as a potent critique of media, tokenism, and entrenched societal norms."

Language(s): Lebanese dialect and Modern Standard Arabic.
In Memory of Wael Zgheib & Marie Therese El Khoury
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